The Program Includes:

  1. 1.    Four 60-minute coaching sessions over the phone, from the convenience of your home or office, to create your plan.

  1. 2.    Templates and worksheets to save you time. You never start with a blank page.

  1. 3.    “The Business Forms Kit” to organize your business and keep you on track.

  1. 4.     “The Insider’s Resource Guide” filled with recommendations for products, services and free tools to help you launch and run your business.  


  1. 5.     A Bonus Private Coaching Session 60 days after you have completed your plan to support you in putting your plan into action.

Our Guarantee

I’m so sure you’ll find value in this program but if after the first class, you’re not completely happy, you can return the book and CD and receive a full refund for the program.

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Since finishing the Business Plan Action Group, I tell people that I feel like a “grownup” now when it comes to running my business.  I talk with clarity and confidence when people ask about my services. And I focus my time and energies on the things that are on my business plan. I amaze myself at how efficient I’ve become. 

My business has made great strides since I completed Amy’s BPAG: groups are hiring me to present workshops, clients are enrolling in my teleseminars, and my email list is growing daily. This is all thanks to the tips and strategies I learned during the Business Plan Action Group.

Joan Celebi,

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Look who recommends the Business Plan Action Group ...   

Write your own customized Solo Business Plan on a single page in a matter of hours when you join the Business Plan Action Group.

"Amy’s Business Plan Action Group helped me demystify the art of a one-page business plan. Her ability to break the process down into specific and practical steps during this course made it very doable and took the “overwhelm “ away.  I am very proud of my business plan and much more confident and clear about my business. Amy’s wealth of ideas and great insights helped me create a roadmap for my business that will keep me focused and produce results.                                                                                

Connie Hammer

The Progressive Parent, LLC


Amy Grossman, MBA, helps small business owners and social entrepreneurs start and grow ventures. Prior to leading the Business Plan Action Group,  Amy was a business professor who went on to create a venture that quickly grew from zero to millions in revenue.  Amy is a small business coach, strategist and business plan expert.    

"I now have a practical, do-able plan for realizing the income and lifestyle I want. I’ve let go of the stress around growing my business."


Jennifer Lewwy, Freelance Marketing Writer

Why try writing a plan on your own, when it can be faster and easier when you work with a business plan consultant who provides structure, accountability, and an objective perspective.

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Business Plan Action Group

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